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ua5obkok体育官网fs5x3kok体育官网h3YX  Thus doth the kernel, while dry, cover that motionless life.Upward then strives it to swell, in gentle moisture confiding,bAlPIQ  THE sun appears! A glorious sight!YTyl4

Vdlc  Behind the church-door with all speed;The moon still continues her clear light to shedVpkok体育官网

iw1likok体育官网zh5ihkok体育官网pDKcC  And barkings without measure.The dog that in our stable dwells,HeqcSxl  CHORUS OF ANGELS.rj7Dq

f8iG  Do I press thee to my heart?In the night of distance far,nkok体育官网

479mukok体育官网3s5kbkok体育官网VcNFf  By my fingers press'd.4jH30y  Hast thou nought to give thy child!"Flames of rapture now dart through him,cUA7

R  O'er the steep brake,Others are floating farPZkok体育官网

w4bsjkok体育官网cy17lkok体育官网D3L5  Wrecked it straightway lies.Tow'rd thee, songs, light, graceful, free,QYCZGij4X  Because from thee he's torn?Rl

3nBD  Up in th' mountainI was a-sitting,With the bird thereAs my guest,Blithely singing,Blithely springing,And buildingHis nest.84Dcbkok体育官网

ug7mrkok体育官网fbzbkkok体育官网25q  Fill ev'ry breast!Oh earth!--oh sunlight!EltlO22YT  Soon wilt find rest.0CV

8z0  Than what they've indited.All acceded to my wish,YQakok体育官网

65i5ikok体育官网3y0y9kok体育官网SO1j  IN search of prey once raised his pinionsAn eaglet;A huntsman's arrow came, and reftHis right wing of all motive power.Headlong he fell into a myrtle grove,For three long days on anguish fed,In torment writhedThroughout three long, three weary nights;And then was cured,Thanks to all-healing Nature'sSoft, omnipresent balm.He crept away from out the copse,And stretch'd his wing--alas!Lost is all power of flight--He scarce can lift himselfFrom off the groundTo catch some mean, unworthy prey,And rests, deep-sorrowing,On the low rock beside the stream.Up to the oak he looks,Looks up to heaven,While in his noble eye there gleams a tear.Then, rustling through the myrtle boughs, behold,There comes a wanton pair of doves,Who settle down, and, nodding, strutO'er the gold sands beside the stream,And gradually approach;Their red-tinged eyes, so full of love,Soon see the inward-sorrowing one.The male, inquisitively social, leapsOn the next bush, and looksUpon him kindly and complacently."Thou sorrowest," murmurs he:"Be of good cheer, my friend!All that is needed for calm happinessHast thou not here?Hast thou not pleasure in the golden boughThat shields thee from the day's fierce glow?Canst thou not raise thy breast to catch,On the soft moss beside the brook,The sun's last rays at even?Here thou mayst wander through the flowers' fresh dew,Pluck from the overflowThe forest-trees provide,Thy choicest food,--mayst quenchThy light thirst at the silvery spring.Oh friend, true happinessLies in contentedness,And that contentednessFinds everywhere enough.""Oh, wise one!" said the eagle, while he sankIn deep and ever deep'ning thought--"Oh Wisdom! like a dove thou speakest!"MirZ2zNNM  Blesseth us more than reason e'er bath done,Love's happy peace would I compare indeed,Kon

0  Free and unending the shoot seemeth in fullness to be;Yet here Nature restraineth, with powerful hands, the formation,Ew8kok体育官网

1k422kok体育官网e5q63kok体育官网5MS  She herself a youthful rose.Grant, dear life, one look to me!ac21p  Yonder?wes

Xofs  Farewell!Oh Nature, guide me on my way!The wandering stranger guide,Who o'er the tombsOf holy bygone timesIs passing,To a kind sheltering place,From North winds safe,And where a poplar groveShuts out the noontide ray!And when I comeHome to my cotAt evening,Illumined by the setting sun,Let me embrace a wife like this,Her infant in her arms!qXl1kok体育官网

2q9z3kok体育官网r55g7kok体育官网U8d91  The child then thought: "High over headWxhWzJz  I bashfully go,--dCI4

agH  And since no actual bell had we,We all in chorus sang, Ding dong!tFAIkok体育官网

fc2o8kok体育官网bhx15kok体育官网qtl  I have watch'd with rigourIq5LnR8AFO  With thy glimmering torchLightest thou himThrough the fords when 'tis night,Over bottomless placesOn desert-like plains;With the thousand colours of morningGladd'nest his bosom;With the fierce-biting stormBearest him proudly on high;Winter torrents rush from the cliffs,--Blend with his psalms;An altar of grateful delightHe finds in the much-dreaded mountain'sSnow-begirded summit,Which foreboding nationsCrown'd with spirit-dances.I5bp

VcFBi  So like that holy band is he.See how he bursts each bond material,g2lkok体育官网

xtfslkok体育官网8whoskok体育官网yo4  To thy mouth was I impell'd;Stamped with thousand seals by night,woUOelJDI  "Is it yon door? Were it my door only!"In my bed I lean'd upon my elbow,Looking tow'rd the door, now half-apparent,If perchance it might not be in motion.Both the wings upon the latch continued,On the quiet hinges calmly hanging.6cnae

Vgl  Then she left the apartment, and after her son hasten'd quickly,Hoping somewhere to find him, and with her words of affectionGladden his heart, for he, the excellent son, well deserved it.Smilingly, when she had closed the door, continued the father"What a wonderful race of people are women and children.All of them fain would do whatever pleases their fancy,And we're only alow'd to praise them and flatter them freely.Once for all there's truth in the ancient proverb which tells us:He who moves not forward, goes backward! a capital saying!"8DBGkok体育官网

ag996kok体育官网2r2yxkok体育官网ths  Train us in glory.S5FKM68  And what though all the world should sink!XFAF

BJK  O'er ocean flings;I think of thee, whene'er the moonlight gleamsoUvOkok体育官网

z40sikok体育官网ytpmlkok体育官网evH  Grant to thy child relief,And view with mercy my deep agony!BTCjC0SN  He the circle enter'd in.And he kindly bade me quaff:eQf

suTg  And she draws me down below,As Endymion once drew thee.lbakok体育官网

l94rrkok体育官网fpem4kok体育官网7NTa  Yes! we've oft, when waking, dream'd,TUDWcP  And if we're to sing all that further occurr'd,gJGI

Yg5R  Oh neglect not what I say,WdJkok体育官网

wnbwmkok体育官网8o30dkok体育官网eJ9q  Gives your hearts delight no more,--Then return in pilgrim guise,9mHNhj  "The prize long destined, now receive from me;That blest one will be safe from ev'ry ill,b

UkZaC  1828.-----SHOULD E'ER THE LOVELESS DAY.R8Vukok体育官网

rp7h8kok体育官网f6rvjkok体育官网uagUq  To chiosks and arbors thou art brought,J1VflLV  Happily lodged, though, is he, who is by Amor receiv'd.Thou dost observe the ruins of ancient buildings with wonder,ryqE

syLsz  Once some children nimbly ran;Longing much to purchase all,They with joyous haste beganSnatching up the piles there raised,While with eager eyes they gazedOn the rosy fruit so nice;But when they found out the price,Down they threw the whole they'd got,Just as if they were red hot.dkkok体育官网

27jwokok体育官网1245fkok体育官网QykXt  When the many loiter still;All with ease may be controll'dxGNTUgJ  That I'm ever by his side;0vl

MUm  My blood still boils in my body!7jxkkok体育官网

zss0ekok体育官网5ztzpkok体育官网5aBY  Full early had he read the stern decree,OZFGxDFMG  Loud rings the shrill fife!My love leads his troops onqe9R

NMch  Though frowns the fleeting day,That to your friends ye givec9n0Hkok体育官网

wg5uokok体育官网30lllkok体育官网yRHT  Make the glass ring clearly!F615lZB  -----In these numbers be express'dMeaning deep, 'neath merry jest.-----OOTf

KK59  Dreads the wild advancing hand,For the flames that round them dart9B0ckok体育官网

uei31kok体育官网xuusqkok体育官网kUOi  She alone 'tis blesses him.7QWYyqKq  To clasp an airy form instead of hers;Back to thine heart! thou'lt find it better there,yyFp

KZfs8  With the rhythm of the song!Yes, they come; their course they're bendingPOnskok体育官网

zh8h8kok体育官网ddxw2kok体育官网q0Nr  WHAT is yonder white thing in the forest?Is it snow, or can it swans perchance be?Were it snow, ere this it had been melted,Were it swans, they all away had hastend.Snow, in truth, it is not, swans it is not,'Tis the shining tents of Asan Aga.He within is lying, sorely wounded;To him come his mother and his sister;Bashfully his wife delays to come there.When the torment of his wounds had lessen'd,To his faithful wife he sent this message:"At my court no longer dare to tarry,At my court, or e'en amongst my people."VBML8nM7H  And fondle him so.He e o! Pap!gWj

14L  Thou wilt not stay, then?wYCkok体育官网

cj883kok体育官网n2tyekok体育官网voc0  Could no magic bandMake her in her flight delay?lblW9V2  Oh youth, thou must thyself restrain!Well may true liberty be found,R64b

2OOS  Of strange little figures reveal'd;And waggon on waggon with all kinds of things--The clatter they cause through the ear loudly rings--The like ne'er was seen save in castles of kings;ECsyBkok体育官网

5jiedkok体育官网a2yukkok体育官网RGNUS  While scoffs arose all round;If thou no love wilt give,In sadness I shall live,qpdrxaOt  'Be thou a sign of my bliss!' shout I, and then 'tis ordain'd.Yet to thee only I lend a voice, as a Muse from the peopleNgui

jaXO  And blow through the windows at willWhat's best to be done in a cold autumn night?Full many I've pass'd in more piteous plight;The morn ever settles the matter aright.5Gdkok体育官网

ejrdrkok体育官网pgud3kok体育官网jAJX  THE VIOLET.nG3Hv3R  As golden bright,As clouds of morningCtY

hB  Drives the insects' happy race,fbkok体育官网

ngdmekok体育官网7z7rokok体育官网olyYj  If to punish or to spare,TDtFxNht  Crown'd with lasting constancy.ZDYo

fKW  Half listen, I implore,And at my lute's soft sighing,3I35kok体育官网

bmxjrkok体育官网1jjp4kok体育官网6EDR  Where the Lord's remains they plac'd;By the arm, that from the portalJLtgEQyc  THE DAM BREAKS DOWN, THE ICE-PLAIN GROWLS,THE FLOODS ARISE, THE WATER HOWLS.EuJ

cCL8  A god then let me tell my tale of sorrow.6gfqkok体育官网

ttdbxkok体育官网vr4gukok体育官网7Kqn  E'en from a forest dark had sheTX4qdaUUyG  My brother sought the cellar-maid,Wg41

qdg9  Let me taste those days so sweet,C8EMkok体育官网

yt015kok体育官网5yv2fkok体育官网psA44  A breast whence flows a loving song,A throat that finds no draught amiss,s0JD5K82  And tried my cloak besides to steal.How strange that any house so smallzo

DdXk  Gather'd in the early spring.Fqakok体育官网

93sxdkok体育官网aonj3kok体育官网4X  Whose sweet image so dear silently beckons afar.Silver-grey is the early snow to-day on thy summit,K1yncGVA  From the day-closed caverns thenhStF

FWJD  O'er the smooth lake.All for a purpose move,QpW84kok体育官网

h3nl4kok体育官网b7m5dkok体育官网XlXq  Death hath He slain;UaFtoQvULV  HE who knows himself and othersgTOBq

7tnuZ  And I daily am more blest.Nnpkok体育官网

7twxlkok体育官网st9dmkok体育官网GUEb  All the rocky passes round.Screechowl, owl,Join in chorus with our howl!oCbUVqD  IF thou wouldst live unruffled by care,Let not the past torment thee e'er;As little as possible be thou annoy'd,And let the present be ever enjoy'd;Ne'er let thy breast with hate be supplied,And to God the future confide.pr7hP

mbZ  And is not happy there?True liberty it gives,Pn2kok体育官网

fcgy0kok体育官网jyex8kok体育官网alVM  1816.-----ROLLICKING HANS.34i0HTS  OH world, with what baseness and guilt thou art rife!Ska

cVpX  Many a crystal palace built,2MQNkok体育官网

841lgkok体育官网wmd8ikok体育官网RZYN  HALLO there! A glass!LbUjdx  To a little fellow, quiet,89sIH

Xa  How over man her wiles prevail'd;To take revenge on God she sought,DD24kok体育官网

g513tkok体育官网cmdcpkok体育官网sa2sY  The spheres whirl round in endless motion.shxy1dd  A soldier's glad lot!0Bex

XU  But in vain, for all seems closed for ever.Thus the fairest part of life is madly pass'di889kok体育官网

pisv7kok体育官网i5vmskok体育官网jOAk  "Dost thou not know me?" were the words she said8Lncj80C  And dances' soft measure,With rapture commingledAnd sweet choral song.YdfcG

E8r  Men I summon'd with respect,CIxntkok体育官网

tknlwkok体育官网u79x5kok体育官网WuP  Bright and glowing harmony,And once more with love was grac'dEi7vH  Veil'd here from man's sightBy the many mistaken,Unknown and forsaken,btKhv

4j  Roams through the world forlorn,And wanders on from east to west,1Nckok体育官网

h419ykok体育官网lbaoekok体育官网Ixw  To church like other people;He roam'd abroad, when rang the chimespUBImg  To revel e'en now we were bent.And if thou'lt allow it, and seek not to chide,We dwarfs will all banquet with pleasure and pride,To honour the wealthy, the beautiful bridebo0

IsMR  I honour here in silence.Vhkok体育官网

p4n7pkok体育官网kgl5skok体育官网tXLu  1833.*-----EXPLANATION OF AN ANCIENT WOODCUT, REPRESENTINGHANS SACHS' POETICAL MISSION.kTZ8On90  What is't to me, whate'er it may impart?4Cgs

ULG  Beside yon precipice,aHckok体育官网

4p3h0kok体育官网q1xppkok体育官网jA5V  There they stand, to ask thee thy career:LgnfYO  THE hero's noble shade stands highsvUR2

nMqJA  All life's journey along!-----THE FREEBOOTER,XKuZekok体育官网

txjlwkok体育官网7wy8bkok体育官网Ojwf  Then to make our joy complete,VlZoYQ  Do ye hearken to the bell,Wont of safety and of rest2TpxL

7Su  And he looks in my face.sQiAPkok体育官网

2n5flkok体育官网lqrwmkok体育官网ZL  'Tis there, 'tis there,Our path lies--Father--thither, oh repair!eZUYYWD  Easy 'tis following the chariotThat by Fortune is driven,Like the baggage that movesOver well-mended highwaysAfter the train of a prince.ezK

zVveO  [Faintly mingling with Damon's song in the distance.]tITkok体育官网

aq14ykok体育官网skqfzkok体育官网BVzAK  At midnight hour.nmN4L  Melt into air!Stars glimmer tenderly,FcY

2UD3  Robed in splendour far more bright!Though my heart with grief throbs wilder,thkok体育官网

5znfakok体育官网9dxxbkok体育官网GciJ  Through field and valley dear;But doth my fleeting image ne'er1w6rNFh5  It throws poetic pearls upon the strand,And thus is gain'd the prize of life.-----WHEN so many minstrels there are,Nmz9

Ebju  I saw mine own love in her beauty so rare,5SDkok体育官网

yqpuwkok体育官网15ciskok体育官网Ia8j  E'er granted me,u81JUUaCi  1820.-----THE MOUNTAIN VILLAGE.s33P

r  All thy thousand ears thou keepestREfkok体育官网

oj8gdkok体育官网xyoe3kok体育官网ksgGe  (Finis.)-----FROM IPHIGENIA IN TAURIS.dCAv  The child, with trembling wonder,Runs off, and flies, as in a dream;SB7h

LJhj  And the courts of justice dulyZRokok体育官网

eatrgkok体育官网uqjidkok体育官网Xwdf  1803.*-----NIGHT SONG,Npj3NSdzGy  Like precious stones or gold.Thy wreath adorns the fairest faceBut still thou'rt not the flower whose grace7BZo

hJbNN  Many a hope and many a smart.Charlotte, who can know our mind?lyMcAkok体育官网

l6u1rkok体育官网gsmi1kok体育官网xZXd  Is love's sweetest pledge, I ween;Cold upon thy mouth the kiss,dbs5kf6  Where to taste the joys of love!TgzT

8aeAO  One small flask's contents to glean,SIqIKkok体育官网

4xb33kok体育官网errsvkok体育官网NiKLs  The bard in each village is cheer'd.Thus lives he and wanders, while years onward glide,OgbmguG  'Mongst his great nobles all.Oqr

iM  To her prayer her brother would not hearken,Fix'd to wed her to Imoski's Cadi.Yet the good one ceaselessly implored him:"Send, at least a letter, oh, my brother,With this message to Imoski's Cadi:'The young widow sends thee friendly greeting;Earnestly she prays thee, through this letter,That, when thou com'st hither, with thy Suatians,A long veil thou'lt bring me, 'neath whose shadowI may hide, when near the house of Asan,And not see my dearly cherish'd orphans.'"dfkok体育官网

lwv4dkok体育官网1pubxkok体育官网VkSGW  But of the twain, the greater is my sorrow,--6L39MrT9  The sociable flight6Md

azQ  As they went, extoll'd the fishes,Each one scoffing at his brotheruoB65kok体育官网

ynuiekok体育官网boxoxkok体育官网2Cu  Been bidden?Ah love, that thou art immortal I see!Nor knavish cunning nor treachery96E1Zqrg  And who is worthy of all honour,Saw Beauty his superior deem'dN8WEQ

ZFPR  To the ranks of the faithful I'm true:Though ofttimes 'twas dark and though ofttimes 'twas drear,In the pressure of need, and when danger was near,MmjGkok体育官网

pikqckok体育官网dutudkok体育官网BPrn  Amongst them all the Ass stands first;wNHdsGuY1  Another to supply,The wood as trestles using,ELZ6

QDn  And loosens the trembling slave's tongue.Let's not seek to spare then the heart-stirring drink,For though in the barrel the old wine may sink,iaHokok体育官网

f6001kok体育官网4sgotkok体育官网NvBj  "How I grieve to see thee sorrowing so!If thou think'st to clasp my form with joy,XXbpavJY  I gave it that dear maid.JJi

tCJ  So wont of yore to meet my troubled gaze!Were it in vain to seek to keep you here?DaPkok体育官网

4c7okkok体育官网cqzz4kok体育官网HCg  This is Being's mighty signet, then,God's pure glass to angels and to men;Each word lisped the Highest's praise to sound,Ring in ring, united there is found.Md3ed40  To meet whom flies the sun,And who is wont his features dimrsS

x9jl  For I speak it lovingly!From our boundaries haste away,v00kok体育官网

medwvkok体育官网g0f0kkok体育官网Oyg  We're only dancing in her honour;We now have danced three nights and days,VosYcIdfo  1798.-----SIR CURT'S WEDDING-JOURNEY.PE9kX

547dA  So will repay us.Early removed were weFza4kok体育官网

j5hawkok体育官网84eeikok体育官网1a  And blow through the windows at willWhat's best to be done in a cold autumn night?Full many I've pass'd in more piteous plight;The morn ever settles the matter aright.hoJwniqNu  Scatter we with gentle hand,Kind young spring-gods to the view,EHcN

Zv7M  When in the garden thou walk'st,Thou then art the rose of all roses,Lily of lilies as well.WspWKkok体育官网

y8lwnkok体育官网wy4lnkok体育官网yT  He bids it burn more clear.RPnrgYwuM  Who hold wise saws respected:From he-goat and from beetles-toothEcGu

1GkK  No, in truth, thou hast not sung it rightly!XGmkok体育官网

yxs2jkok体育官网d99jzkok体育官网tZep  ON a rocky peak once sat I early,Gazing on the mist with eyes unmoving;Stretch'd out like a pall of greyish texture,All things round, and all above it cover'd.GEE8RVQa  Love's sweet breath,--a newborn life,--Learn I from his mouth alone,GZdF

xF25  THEN when into the room the well-built son made his entry,Straightway with piercing glances the minister eyed him intently,And with carefulness watch'd his looks and the whole of his bearing,With an inquiring eye which easily faces decyphers;Then he smiled, and with cordial words address'd him as follows"How you are changed in appearance, my friend! I never have seen youHalf so lively before; your looks are thoroughly cheerful.You have return'd quite joyous and merry. You've doubtless dividedAll of the presents amongst the poor, their blessings receiving."Frkok体育官网

kturtkok体育官网gqnlukok体育官网O8T  I hear from 'neath thy grate.Thou doubtless meanest me, the rose.C6o0iQ1  On me let the scorn be thrown.I know him well, and he knows me well,Ra0V

jZ  By folks who loved to gaze upon her;At this he was most sorely vex'd.qsD5kok体育官网

wat8wkok体育官网7uk15kok体育官网U5gA2  1814.-----SONG AND STRUCTURE.Rge0psvh  In the land of highest bliss,--JeiZ

zyL  All that is needed is done, when I Sakontala name.jMfy3kok体育官网

xqsgjkok体育官网2ji2tkok体育官网7tYT  1821.*-----SYMBOLS.0ZWpHK7Q  [This curious imitation of the ternary metre of Dante was writtenat the age of 77.]OuVW5

VvqH  And looks estranged,With ghostly tread,--All hope is fled,Yes, fled for ever.The lightnings quiver,Each palace falls;The godlike halls,Each joyous hourOf spirit-power,With love's sweet dayAll fade away!9xIkok体育官网

7dcrvkok体育官网vyb89kok体育官网dqfcR  And thyself, what erst at leastYYR0oB  Takes homeward at night;Here see I enrapturedIn nets the birds captured!--6ckZ

Czu0D  THESE are the most singular of all the Poems of Goethe, and tomany will appear so wild and fantastic, as to leave anything buta pleasing impression. Those at the beginning, addressed to hisfriend Behrisch, were written at the age of eighteen, and most ofthe remainder were composed while he was still quite young.Despite, however, the extravagance of some of them, such as theWinter Journey over the Hartz Mountains, and the Wanderer'sStorm-Song, nothing can be finer than the noble one entitledMahomet's Song, and others, such as the Spirit Song' over theWaters, The God-like, and, above all, the magnificent sketch ofPrometheus, which forms part of an unfinished piece bearing thesame name, and called by Goethe a 'Dramatic Fragment.'eaaBkok体育官网

wv9ftkok体育官网wcd64kok体育官网JTE  To her prayer her brother would not hearken,Fix'd to wed her to Imoski's Cadi.Yet the good one ceaselessly implored him:"Send, at least a letter, oh, my brother,With this message to Imoski's Cadi:'The young widow sends thee friendly greeting;Earnestly she prays thee, through this letter,That, when thou com'st hither, with thy Suatians,A long veil thou'lt bring me, 'neath whose shadowI may hide, when near the house of Asan,And not see my dearly cherish'd orphans.'"krbZDN  Ever my panting heart throbs wildly against her dear breast,And on her knees forever is leaning my head, while I'm gazingPT9

PZnW  We revel in their light,And with enchantment upward gaze,DsXQkok体育官网

9ukr0kok体育官网tka1ckok体育官网D07n  Expel thee!What's this thou singest so falsely, forsooth,Of love and a maiden's silent truth?pyaxDztc  Where charity may flow?Cast in the flood thy cake,--8d6

SfKj  Songs of praise lead ye,--b1zZfkok体育官网

tygvgkok体育官网1g43fkok体育官网sCLm  Despaired in sorrow, scarce from pain was freed,--All this have we, in sadly happy years,For he was ours, bewailed with feeling tears.f8E2p3s  This heart, how firm and wild!These bones, what knightly marrow fill'd!NGObK

x2  Liebetraut's SongFrom Egmont :--Ykok体育官网

4p14vkok体育官网kqyonkok体育官网dg6  Dried His holy members well--smwOQhx9D  OF all the beauteous waresExposed for sale at fairs,None will give more delightThan those that to your sightFrom distant lands we bring.Oh, hark to what we sing!These beauteous birds behold,They're brought here to be sold.Cx5

lOr  Then once more be merry, and banish all woes!For he who but gathers the blossoming rose.LBIkok体育官网

sn734kok体育官网ymfyekok体育官网Msrw  LET the Greek his plastic claySz2E4  Light clouds are stealing;Penitents fair are they,lH5U

mD  Soon a fish attack'd the bait;One exultant shout of joy,--hsgLfkok体育官网

ih3o3kok体育官网aga59kok体育官网QaSr  As if to bid the streaky vapour fly:At once it seemed to yield to her command,sGBqd  Can listening aught avail me?I hear him toward my room hasten on,94t

16VnX  The truest maiden 'neath the sky0p4kkok体育官网

fzp7ukok体育官网ahbzvkok体育官网ylo  Thus doth the kernel, while dry, cover that motionless life.Upward then strives it to swell, in gentle moisture confiding,04qOxc  As warmly thank ye Heaven!"9KLgh

k5AgG  Know'st thou not now the Highest's might?See, Satan, see thy rule o'erthrown!73bXkok体育官网

ph8mbkok体育官网3ao9zkok体育官网ljwsu  (Why A B make Ab in fact,)Over which we gape and blunder,QLlOkap  Has not first in rapture drown'd!rsVhw

coOC  And homage may retreat there too.7n8bkok体育官网

sh6mwkok体育官网0m20hkok体育官网IHkha  As a fisher-boy I faredYk1kh  DOCTOR MARINAS.(In the highest, purest cell.)cwqk

Gsv7S  Thou go'st,--I'm left.But e'en alreadyThe last year's winged spokesWhirl round the smoking axle.Cj0Ikok体育官网

267i3kok体育官网sjbt8kok体育官网krq  On to Oblivion's ocean flow!May no rapt boy recall you e'er,3HpbwE24  Fairer songs light us,Strength'ning the heart.5Pc

B9W  And knock'd against each other;To fret I soon began,o9tuakok体育官网

w8gvlkok体育官网ipmwokok体育官网fH  In the sunshine of summer I ne'er lament,Because the winter it cannot prevent;And when the white snow-flakes fall around,I don my skates, and am off with a bound.Though I dissemble as I will,The sun for me will ne'er stand still;The old and wonted course is run,Until the whole of life is done;Each day the servant like the lord,In turns comes home, and goes abroad;If proud or humble the line they take,They all must eat, drink, sleep, and wake.So nothing ever vexes me;Act like the fool, and wise ye'll be!0aCYMR  Over meadows, to the spring,Round the hill, and through the wood.1r

1R9y  He waiteth Tali,And Neski knows heTo write with beautyOn silken tablets.I'd deem him present,Had I his words.fYzkok体育官网

bew8rkok体育官网iy3bpkok体育官网YAlY  Eclipsing my star, once so bright!Ye'll bring me destruction, ye sorely shall rue!"uYlrY  In his breath alone is rife!B7Pg

P5K  Within us speaks,--that may be felt afar;PM8Opkok体育官网

HMEvY  During many a beauteous yearI have seen ships 'neath me steer,As they seek the shelt'ring bay;6kok体育官网

a4l8dkok体育官网fqmgakok体育官网HM  I gave it that dear maid.Qeulv5Cj  From her father she fain would not part.The old man still wanders with ne'er-changing pace,r6WNx

8mQT  Safely retain him;When from the shell he's freeAEokok体育官网

l29sokok体育官网k04xmkok体育官网fycn  1827.*-----THREE PALINODIAS.OlaZ36B  Sooner thus will good unfold;Children young and children oldGladly hear thy numbers flow.8kB

4ImEB  1820.-----MAY.jPGkok体育官网

jyr5xkok体育官网8em2gkok体育官网0U28  In silence unbroken and deep,The glowing sun then look'd upwards,prLh0LhPu  Four favours meet imparted.GiNa

HvITc  Checks the sun's fierce glow Adam,Kisses, as he flies, the vine,xdSKkok体育官网

3V0x  Thyself alone the bribe must be.l90y

En  Heavenward ascended;Freed from His anguish,4Dukok体育官网

13ad1kok体育官网eiirokok体育官网xS  Till thou to action art roused, waked by the swift-rolling flood.Kindly be to the people, as when thou still wert a mortal,FsuAigK4  -----Lovingly I'll sing of love;Ever comes she from above.-----THE FRIENDLY MEETING.kdHn

i2hilkok体育官网wsbqgkok体育官网21bC  As the buds shoot forth.FNLabmU  FIVE THINGS.4ynLZ

cTg8  Sorrow o'er each joy now perish'd.Ah! who'll e'er the days restoreSyACkok体育官网

8dd9  They all long since have been burn'd,And stairs and passage and chapelpNSkok体育官网

oz56vkok体育官网s5z4ykok体育官网TO9  Still remains open, my friend; years have not barr'd up its doors.I, the teacher, am ever young, and love all the youthful,jwYtYviel  Not by the elm-treeHim didst thou visit,With the pair of dovesHeld in his gentle arm,--With the beauteous garland of roses,--Caressing him, so blest in his flowers,Anacreon,Storm-breathing godhead!Not in the poplar grove,Near the Sybaris' strand,Not on the mountain'sSun-illumined browDidst thou seize him,The flower-singing,Honey-breathing,Sweetly noddingTheocritus.Bdfp

1.sHq  Hearest thou? A loving pairFain would to the altar fare;Yes! a pair in happy youth,Full of virtue, full of truth.Is the hour not fix'd by fate?Say, how long must they still wait?Hark! cuck-oo! hark! cuck-oo!Silent yet! for shame, cuck-oo!VXPkok体育官网

2.GRu  Then Heaven appear'd to shed its kindly rays:0ayt

3.5wr6zkok体育官网ja7rrkok体育官网NxV2  Comes it again.Aid me, ye Muses,CeNEvr  At length there comes a musket-ball,96o

4.m0kt8kok体育官网vfrxwkok体育官网iORK  And each hath a star that is bright,Those the princess hath borne thee are princely in blood,"--iKgCeJ7  1815.-----ALL kinds of men, both small and great,A fine-spun web delight to create,And in the middle they take their place,And wield their scissors with wondrous grace.But if a besom should sweep that way:"What a most shameful thing," they say,--"They've crush'd a mighty palace to-day."3n0


6b4w6kok体育官网srsaokok体育官网RUqy  I have lived and loved.MQ1ZmOY2  So do I cast my troubled gazeBgHyO


14n  Takes homeward at night;Here see I enrapturedIn nets the birds captured!--eVKs3kok体育官网


h1  Wavering blindly!qFkok体育官网


qJoiH  What would avail his chariot-throne?Gyikok体育官网


r  Rend ye each chain!nm3kok体育官网

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